Communication Through Technology

Do you read every email you receive? Do you call every unknown number back? The answer is of course not. Today, we are faced with so much junk communicated to us on a daily basis we have become numb to the mediums of communication including emails, phone calls, and mail. This article will show you how to break through these barriers and get to the person(s) you are trying to reach.


- Always include a subject that is relevant to the body of your email.

- Never send an email without a subject line and body paragraph(s).

- If you attach files, refer to them in the body of the email so they aren’t just floating attachments.

- Be concise: People want to read.


- When calling someone for the first time, refer to them as Mr. or Ms. until they tell you otherwise.

- If they do not pick up the phone LEAVE A MESSAGE. If you do not leave a message, not only is it unprofessional but they probably will not call you back.

- Do not repeatedly call someone if they are not picking up; this is extremely rude and irritating.


- Print To and Return addresses whenever possible. Sloppy handwriting can get lost and is unprofessional.

- Letters should be signed with a pen, not an electric signature. This adds a more personal touch.


- Your appearance should be the same as meeting with someone in person. No pajamas.

- Make sure the room is quiet around you and there is nothing distracting going on in the background.

- Make sure the person you are talking to can hear you clearly before you start a conversation.


- Do not text a professional unless they text you or give you permission to text them.

- Do not paraphrase words; this expresses laziness to the receiver.

In summary, you want to make sure you reach the person while maintaining a professional manner.

Author: Alan Brylawski –