Restaurant Interview Tips

Most interviews you’re familiar with usually take place inside an office building, with you sitting on a chair in front of your prospective employer’s desk. Not all the time though. There are chances when the interviewer might ask you to show up for lunch or dinner, on a restaurant interview. Sounds daunting? Well, not really.

Below we have listed great ways to ace the interview

1. Although the ambience might seem a bit more relaxing because you are dining out, do keep in mind that this is still an interview. The interviewer takes note of whatever you are doing (or not doing for that matter). Remain formal; don’t get too comfortable and relaxed.

2. Mind your manners. Be polite. Excuse yourself if you feel like going to the bathroom. If it’s not that necessary, then don’t leave your seat.

3. Avoid messy menu items such as spaghetti, large burgers and sandwiches, or clams and lobsters. Be on the safe side by ordering food that can easily be cut up into bite-sized pieces.

4. Table manners count too. Be sure you know the basics such as knowing where the right utensils are for each part of the meal (work your way in). The salad fork is always on the farthest side, the meal fork next, and the dessert fork last. No elbows on the table and no slouching. Place napkins on the lap, and never under the chin.

5. However tensed you may be, never order alcoholic drinks. Stick to beverages that won’t cloud your thinking or loosen your inhibitions. Otherwise, you might end up saying or doing something you might regret.

6. Don’t order the highest priced item on the list. Although the interviewer is expected to pay for the meal, don’t be too extravagant on your choices. It’s not the meal that’s important here, it’s the interview itself.

These are the 6 easy steps that you need to ace that interview. We have plenty other tips, and also allow our members to download all types of self empowering techniques.

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