Conflict Resolution Tips that Quickly Resolve Employee Conflict

Author: Shelley Holmes

Use these conflict resolution tips to quickly get your team focused back on performing and achieving their targets.

It happens in every team. Two of your team members have a personality clash. You, the team leader, need to step in and help them sort it out before their clash negatively impacts on the performance of the entire team. Employee conflict will happen, but how you handle these occurrences will either make or break your organization.

Use these conflict resolutions tips to help team members sort out their differences and get back to their best at work.

Value the Individual

One of the biggest problems when conflict arises in your team becomes how valued each team member feels. People are willing to engage in the process in a healthier way when they feel valued. Before you start using these conflict resolution tips, take the time to let each person know that their opinion and input matters.

Taking time to do this is crucial to building the individual’s confidence and belief that his or her perspective matters and that you take it and them seriously. When they feel this way they are more inclined to believe in and trust your ability to guide the conflict to a fair solution.

Lay Some Ground Rules

Once you have valued their points of view, it’s time to start the conflict resolution process.

First, if you have team norms, go over these with the individuals involved – reminding them of the way that you have agreed to interact as individuals and as a team.

Another good starting point for conflict resolution is to make use of your organizational and team goals – these are the framework upon which shared agendas are built/.

Also, come to an agreement with the involved parties that they will actively attempt to work through the issues causing problems. Create a team-oriented feeling for the best results.

Lay Out The Issues

Get each side to lay out the issues as they see them. A good conflict resolution tip is to get them to split the data into known/verifiable facts and conjecture, opinion, projection. Sometimes this can help people clearly see themselves where the conflict could be stemming from.

Sometimes during this process the debate can become heated. This is where the leader needs to continually refer the team members back to their team norms and remind people of how they have agreed to treat each other.

Take your time at this juncture – it is tempting to get this tough, emotionally draining part over quickly – because it isn’t pleasant for anyone. Keep referring back to those norms and make sure that everyone feels heard and understood.

Develop a Workable Plan

Next it is time to turn attention to developing a workable plan. Break this down into a series of steps that you can guide your team members through. You already identified the problem and its causes.

With the involved parties, you should agree to what you all consider as the criteria for any solution. Discuss different options. allowing each person the freedom to get their concerns and objectives.

Look for the signs indicating when one or both sides opens up the possibility of compromise. Take notice of clues such as the things that people feel adamantly about and things they become more willing to give on. This begins the process of give and take required to come to an agreement.

Keep referring back to the norms that they initially agreed to.

Once you have reached a workable solution, outline steps of implementation. As a final part of the process, make it clear that the results are all subject to review and input if they find that it doesn’t permanently fix the issue.

Dealing with conflict is not one of the easiest parts of managing a team. However, this essential issue needs addressing for the ultimate success of your project. These conflict resolution tips can help improve any issue that arises.

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