6 Must Have Online Personal Branding Strategies

Author: Jason Okuma

If you are one of those online solopreneurs who are wanting to become number one in your chosen field of expertise, you would definitely want your brand name to be deeply embedded on the first page of Google or any other search engine results. Many successful people just like you strive to find ways to make themselves known online. So where do you start? Well, online pr and personal branding can help you with that much needed search engine optimization as well as making your brand’s search engine marketing efforts become worthwhile.

To get you started, here are 6 must-have online personal branding strategies that you can easily implement:

1. Facebook

This social media outlet has become one of the the number one networking site in the online world. Almost everyone around the globe has his or her own account in Facebook. And that means, having an account can possibly make you and your business become well known. You just have to make sure that if you are doing business, you should create an account for business which is separate from your personal Facebook account. Fill out all of the descriptions and any other information that your target market wants to know about you.  Be sure to include your website link.  When connecting with people, get to know them on a personal level, get the trust factor going, just be you and most of all don’t be a salesman because people do not connect with those types of relationships…do you connect with others trying to sell you?

2. Twitter

Here is another social site which can help you promote your personal brand online. Using Twitter allows you to say anything you wish.  But beware of what you “tweet” because fellow “tweeters” are very aware if you are not authentic.  The best way to build your following is to provide valuable information that your target market is looking for, engage in friend building conversations and getting others curious about what you do.  The only time to promote what you do is when others ask because that would be the best time for you to shine!

3. Personal Branded Blog

Having a blog is like having a “home base” online.  Your blog is where your target niche get the “meat and potatos” about you.  A blog allows you to write everything about yourself, your business and your field of expertise.  Remember, when someone does business with you or buys from you, they are likely to want to research you first.  The more informative content you post, the more people will know, like and trust you before handing over their credit card number or money. You may say that everybody else is doing this but it’s all about having a “correct” blog.  The “incorrect” blog is having tons of affiliate links, no consistent images of your online personal brand, etc. etc., I can go on and on.  Need a proper blog? Ask me!

4. LinkedIn

If you are not familiar with LinkedIn, this is another professional social networking resource site which can allow you to add friends like any other social media site. LinkedIn is also known to give you good ranking position on the search engines. You can fill in the keywords and description that you or your business has for your business. If you do not have a free LinkedIn account yet, do so now!

5. Profile Image

Some may find this to be less important but this is probably the first step in branding your image online.  Be sure to put an consistent image or logo on every profile you have on the internet. This is not only for personal branding purposes but it will help people see you as a real human. You want to be consistent because it will be easier for people to recognize you at one glance. That is one sure way of branding yourself online.

6. Portfolio

Keeping a portfolio of everything that you have done in line with your business or services will help you get more known in your field of expertise. A portfolio showcases everything and will allow potential clients to see the work you have done in the past.

Overall, these 6 simple techniques for online personal branding are absolutely free but require time, patience and lots of effort.  This is not “autopilot” marketing but a day to day routine.  YOU are the fuel to your online brand and your daily marketing activities.

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