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When going on a lunch/dinner interview, what is the appropriate meal to order (from an economic sense)? You dont want to order anything super expensive- – but you dont want to undermine them and order a side salad either.  What if they order a steak, are you aloud to follow with the same order? What’s proper?

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Author: casto

I think the most appropriate way to choose an option off the menu at an interview depends on the restaurant. My best suggestion would be to look over the menu and consider the price range of the entree’s. Based off of the price range for that particular restaurant, choose an entree that is moderately priced. For example, if the most inexpensive entree on the menu is a salad for $16 and the most expensive entree on the menu is a steak for $32, pick the chicken entree (or other entree) that is around $22-$24. This way you’re not undermining them by picking the least expensive item on the menu and you’re not seemingly using the interview to order the most expensive thing on the menu.

Author: Steve Vereen

In my personal experience in both the Professional world, as well as social events attended by prominent businessmen and women, ones ability to decide on an appropriate drink (if any) is an essential part of making a lasting impression. When on the Golf links, a gentleman’s drink of Bourbon may be acceptable, or even after a dinner party while having a cigar. However, when in at a reception or dinner event, I find that my ability to order a favorable wine to compliment the meal and attitude of the event goes a long way with people. If you can order a bottle of wine for your table, or new acquaintances, they will immediately be impressed and you shall become the center of attention. Just have some appropriate stories to keep them interested long enough to hand you that coveted Business Card you seek!