The link between college and corporate

Posted on February 2, 2011 by Alan

Last month, I received an offer from a fortune 500 company. I loved the company but I didn’t feel that the job I was going after was best for me after all. This is when I got a bit nervous. The company spent a lot of time with and was very nice which made turning them down even harder. If this has or is happening to you, here is my advice on how to handle the situation.

1. Be honest, if the job isn’t right for you, it’s unfair to the both of you to take it.
2. Thank them for offering you a job, which is a huge compliment and for their time.
3. Explain why you are declining their offer.
4. Answer their questions. Most companies will ask why you are declining for future recruiting purchases. If it helps them, it is the least you can do.
5. Don’t burn bridges. Always leave the conversation on good terms so if you ever see an opportunity with the same company in the future, you can still go for it!

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Author: armil

The advices are well taken.
However,if the company finds you a very good prospect, then perhaps you really ARE the best for the job.
“Didn’t FEEL” probably sounds most emotional when you consider the opportunity you have lost.

Author: Laura

I just recently had to deal with a similar situation. A company I just interviewed with wanted to continue the interviewing process with me. However, after hearing and learning more about the company, I found that while yes it was a job, it wasn’t a job that positioned me in the right place to network with people I needed to in order to expand my career down the road. I did similar as listed above. Just contacted the person I interviewed with thanking them for their consideration and explained my future career aspirations and how I felt their postion was not appropriate for my goals.

If you have the luxury; be patient when job hunting. Don’t necessarily jump all over a job just because it’s a job. Find a situation thats right for you and your goals.