The link between college and corporate

Posted on April 14, 2011 by Steve

Just last month I had my first interview with Fastenal Company. The interview process typically consists of 2 rounds of interviews, but in my case only 1 was necessary. Not trying to toot my own horn, but there were several key things I did to prepare and nail the interview. First, RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH!!! Knowing a company’s values are by far the most important thing to know in my opinion. When asked why I would be a good fit with Fastenal, I mentioned several experiences with teamwork, and how promotions from within solidifies a team. Both of these were attributes of Fastenal’s that I learned directly from my research on the company. I kept reiterating these points as I could read the interviewer’s impressed reactions with my detailed explanation of past experiences in teamwork. Furthermore, talk to anyone you encounter at the interview. When I arrived at the location, I struck up a conversation with a person doing “busy” work usually suited for beginning employees. Little did I know this man was the Store Manager. I had a genuine conversation with him about his history with the company, and what he liked and DISLIKED about Fastenal. I later learned that he and a considerable interest in the hiring process. Lastly, observe your interviewer. I noticed his keychain of an Ohio State Buckeye and slid in a comment about the Buckeyes. The interviewer instantly seemed uplifted as now we could talk about something he was passionate about. Little hints and clues about a person’s life and being able to talk to them about it makes you stand out from the other interviewees! This lead to my hiring after the 1st round of interviews… something not heard of with this company!

Best of Luck!

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