Create a Resume that Gets Noticed

If your resume doesn’t jump out at potential employers, it will never be read. Poorly constructed resumes will never get the attention while professionally composed ones will go very far in the hands of prospective employers and ultimately, will get you the interview and possibly the job.

First, let us look at the things to avoid when creating professional resumes.

• Avoid typos, grammatical errors, and incorrect spellings.
• Avoid using personal pronouns such as “I” and “me.”
• Avoid using expansive sentences, it is better to write concise sentences in bullet points.
• Do not include past jobs that are irrelevant to the job you are applying for.
• Double-check for names that might sound either feminine or masculine and use applicable salutation. For example, use Mr. for men and Mrs. For married women, use Miss if she is not married, and Ms. if she is divorced or you just don’t know her marital status.

Note: Always remember that a recruiter or employer will spend no more than 20-25 seconds to screen resumes and decide whether to proceed and read thoroughly.

Now that you have clear ideas on what not to include in your resume, here are the top items to include in creating professional resumes:

• Include accurate contact information including street address, email and telephone numbers. This may sound elementary but often overlooked.
• The next item is to include your objective statement. Summarize a short statement stating the career you are interested in and the type of position you are seeking.
• Include your professional work experience in either chronological, functional or combination style.
• Educational background should include educational achievements and if you are a recent graduate, include your degree(s).
• List awards and achievements that are relevant to the position you are seeking.
• It is a good idea to include your activities and interests to give an employer some insight about your character.
• Remember to always send a cover letter and list of references with your resume when possible. This shows initiative on your part.