Develop Confidence in Public Speaking

Being able to communicate effectively especially in front of an audience is a tremendous edge in today’s business arena. There is no shortcut to becoming confident in the art of public speaking except to practice, practice and practice more. The more you do it, the less anxiety you will have it will build your confidence.

People’s reactions, especially when making an important point, are excellent indicators that tell if you are convincing enough for them to become interested in what you are saying. Essentially, as long as you are getting a reaction from your audience – you are in charge.

Try these simple tips to help you achieve confidence in public speaking:

● Take advantage of opportunities to speak in public. Start with small successful speeches and as your nerves begin to quiet down, move to speeches that require preparation.
● Always prepare your materials prior to a speaking engagement. In situations where you will be asked to speak impromptu, the first thing to do is to try to control your nerves with some deep breathing exercises. Breathe slowly starting with the inhalation through the nose and finishing with the exhalation from the mouth.
● No one in the audience really knows how nervous you are. So, try to act more confidently even if you are “shaking like a leaf” internally. Smile and maintain correct posture.
● One of the most common mistakes people make is speaking to quickly that your listeners don’t have time understanding you. This pace is mainly due to nervousness, the more you can stay calm and collected the slower and relaxed your pace will be.
● Think about the tone and volume of your voice. A good way to monitor this is to record your voice and listen to it. When speaking in public, do not allow your voice to become monotonous and do not speak too low. If your voice is naturally low, using a microphone will help with the volume. If your voice is too high, you will be able to tell by the reaction of your audience.

Remember, just like any art form, the art of public speaking is not perfected overnight but requires plenty of practice and dedication.