How to Handle your Nerves

Nothing can ruin your chances in getting your dream job like clamming up, giving confusing answers, uncontrolled nervousness, or sweating profusely during an interview. Controlling your nerves is not difficult but requires some preparation.

In many ways, the nervousness we all we experience before a job interview is similar to how we might feel before getting on stage to give a speech in front of an audience. What sets and interview apart from giving a speech is that an interview is usually one-on-one.

Here are some time-honored tips on staying relaxed before and during an interview:

● Take several deep breaths prior to an interview. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Repeating this simple breathing exercise will help you stay calm and focus your mind on the interview ahead.
● Practice answering some interview questions as preparation for the actual day of the interview. Check the internet for sample interview questions.
● Show up to the interview in proper attire. You are going to feel nervous when you are in doubt about the professional appearance of your clothing so plan days prior on what to wear.
● Plan to arrive early. It is nerve wrecking when you are running late for an interview. Check the address of the place, name of the contact person, etc.
● During the interview, do not try to answer quickly, instead, pace yourself correctly before answering a question. Answer them directly and do not ramble on! This is the fastest way to annoy the interviewer. At the end of your interview, you may ask if they would like you to expand any of your answers.