The link between college and corporate

First impressions make or break landing a job. Before you can even shake hands an employer has already formed judgment on your appearance. Show up looking professional and clean.

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Author: katier

For interviews, don’t forget to dress for the specific job you’re interested in. If you’re in a creative industry such as advertising, media, fashion, etc. let your creativity show by adding personal touches to business professional attire. For example, change that white button-up for a shirt with vibrant color or amazing texture.

Author: Laura

Good point! it’s so important to consider who you’re interview with. If a vibrant colored shirt doesn’t seem to suit the occasion, stay with a more traditional suit ensemble with creative/fun accessories that express your design aesthetic. The outfit for the creative professionals is about showing your hopeful future employer that you have a vision and that you can bring that to their business.

Author: amanda.sapala

I liked the Ann Taylor video. It definitely showed different options that can still be viewed as professional. I was surprised to see a longer length on the suit jacket, though. I know the idea was to balance proportions, but I still thought it looked dated. Some of the styling choices also seemed a touch too casual for me for certain companies. I think the best advice is to do your homework on the company, see what other people are wearing, and try to either blend in or be dressed even nicer!

Author: schmida2

I definitely think its better to go in overdressed than underdressed. It may feel uncomfortable if you walk in wearing a black suit and all employees are dressed very casually. I just think how much worse it would be if the situation were reversed. I would look unprofessional– and casual dress could be misleading as though you aren’t serious.

Author: Patrique

I agree with the previous post that it is better to go overdressed than underdressed because it looks unprofessional. If you go to an interview with a nicely pressed suit and it looks very made up, then the employer with think that you are very attentive to details which will be good when you work for the company. I know when I recently went to a industrial fiber conference this summer, I did not have an iron and I had to use a spare blazer my brother had and this made me look even younger than I wanted. Although I do not think this took away greatly from the content of what I was saying, because we are college students the rest of the experienced business world already has a preconceived notion that we are young and do not know always what we are doing.

Author: LynnetteMckinney

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