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Keep it simple, clear, and to the point. When communication is the weakest link in most chains of management, proficient communicators always stand out amongst the pack.

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Author: alexandra787

I recently had my first job interview, and it was actually hosted over the phone. I was a little nervous about this experience because I feel like I had to work twice as hard to convey my enthusiasm for the position. As the interview progress I realized that even though they couldn’t see my they still got a feel for who I was without actually seeing me. My best advice to anyone who has a phone interview is to be prepared. As bad as it is to seem unprepared in a regular interview you feel even more ill-prepared over the phone. Since they cannot see you your “ums” and awkward pauses are much more noticeable. Also, even though I was really excited I had to remind myself to speak slowly because sometimes the phone distorts your voice. Finally as with any interview always be prepared to ask your own questions and show interest in the company. Also, don’t forget to send a thank you email or note to show your appreciation for the opportunity.

Author: dakhlall

One very useful piece of advice I have been given over and over is to follow up. It’s one of those extra mile things that can really make the difference. This can come in the form of email, thank you, phone call, etc. as long as you do your part to remind them of your interaction. That also requires you to be prepared because meeting people in the business world can come at anytime. Being aware of who you are around and what the atmosphere is like leads to more effective interactions.

Author: Jasmine

Communication is critical in the work place! I have experienced this first hand when working in retail. As a member of the management team we all were stressed to use communication, by our store manager, to get what needed to get done, done. Our forms of communication were leaving notes at the end of the closing shift or letting the next manager that came in know what the current numbers were and how we were doing in sales. There were days when no one knew what was going on or what tasks to complete because the previous manager did not communicate what needed to get accomplished. Usually those days the store was a mess! But, the point of the story is that communication is effective in all types of business settings. It keeps the company organized and on point, and that makes the company and the management staff look good!