The link between college and corporate

Positive energy is contagious. Be a problem solver, not an instigator. Working in an office means working with people. The ability to look beyond emotional disputes and mediate any disagreement with a logical edge will make you the “go to” guy/girl when future problems occur.

  • Resolving Conflict

    How to Handle Conflict

  • How to Deal With Difficult People

    Dealing with Your Difficult Boss


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Author: jeffreyalexa

For the last three years I’ve worked for a boss that I less than get along with. He had a tendency to cause problems where there were not any. My best advice to people is to step outside of a conflict before deciding how to approach it. Looking back I know there were things I probably should not have said, but I was so emotionally involved in the situation that it made it hard to see clearly. Don’t let work get you upset, jobs come and go. If you know that you will be succesful no matter what, that will show in the workplace. Employers wont want you to leave and be successful elsewhere.