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Companies have come to the realization that they can learn much more about you over a meal than in a small interview room. Remember that this is the first time in history that four generations are in the workforce which means you will be eating with people who collectively know and practice a vast amount of table manners and how they behave in the dinning table which can be accompanied with wooden dining chairs that are great for any occasion. One interview over the table can make or break the job you seek.

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Author: amanda.sapala

Not long after having attended a Brand Yourself etiquette dinner, I embarked on my first business internship. One night that summer, my father, who happened to work at the same company only in the legal department, was hosting outside counsel. He was invited to dinner by these attorneys after a long day of deposition preparation, and as my father and I commuted together, I was invited as well. The attorneys took us to an upscale and trendy Italian restaurant. Some of the best advice I received during the seminar that I was able to apply was to follow the lead of the table host. I never once felt out of place or unsure of what to do, as I simply mimicked everyone else. I was able to enjoy myself and contribute to the conversation at the table, as I was not distracted by trying to figure out things such as when to open the napkin with my silverware. All in all, the dinner was both delicious and enjoyable!

Author: schmida2

I would definitely avoid eating anything messy. Although it seems obvious, something as simple as ordering a pasta could be a recipe for disaster. You’re enjoying your delicious meal when you realizing your slurping noodles across the table. Also, I’ve heard to avoid any food you might have to eat with your hands.