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Negotiating isn’t about winning or losing. It’s about considering both party’s objectives and finding the deal that works best for everyone involved. When it comes to negotiating, the only losers are those who don’t respect the other party’s interests.

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Author: casto

Although I haven’t negotiated personally before, in my Human Resources course we spent several classes discussing negotiation of salary, benefits, upfront payment, and moving costs. The appropriate time to negotiate is after the job offer has been extended to the final candidate. This is your only time as an potential employee to discuss and negotiate salary. The most important thing my professor taught us was to be polite and discrete while negotiating. When negotiating, the best way for you to determine what your salary should be is to do research. Spend time researching what a recent college graduate is making in that field of work as well as in that particular market (based off of geographical location). Also, know that if you have internship experience, work experience, or if you were a top student grade-wise you have the ability to demand a premium. Again, remember that the most important part of negotiation is being polite and discrete!