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Why is networking so important? Networking is vital for building your own network of professionals who can help you connect with the right people. Remember, it’s not about who you know, but who knows you.

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Author: cottyd

I’ve run into many situations oustide of a formal business envrionment where I have met a valuable contact. The most mermorable experience was when I worked at the U.S. National Whitewater Center in Charlotte North Carolina. I was a raft guide and it was a Saturday afternoon. I was scheduled to take a family of five out on the rapids for 1 hour. The family was very nice and I happened to be at the top of my raft guide game. Long story short the father of that family happened to be head of a small but very successful engineering company and asked if I had any future plans after college. He was nice enough to write my contact information down I jotted down his also. Looking back, a business card or something that had all of my contact info would have helped out a lot but even today I still send him a casual email just to see how his family and his business is doing. You never know who you’re going to meet and when those networking skills have to come out on the fly!!

Author: Joey

My networking experiences have actually come from people my parents have become friends with or neighbors with. I have had a few job oppurtunities presented to me from these people, but I don’t think they offered them to me just because they like my parents. My parents’ close friends have had a long time to get to know me and they have told me how well i present myself to adults. I engaged in conversations with them that allowed me to show them a more mature and professional side of me. I have been offered a job with the USC volley ball team, an internship with Mcneil (they make tylenol), and I currently work at a law firm becuase a lawyer in my neighborhood asked me to work for him. These experiences have taught me not to view my parents friends or the other adults around me as just adults. Instead, I need to take advantage of every situation in which i meet a person who has built a successful life

Author: Patrique

Most of the contacts I have made have come from people I talked to while traveling on vacation. When you are in a relaxed environment and decide to talk to people around you I found that they will typically open up more to you as opposed to meeting them in a more professional situation. Because they see the “real person” you are and not the person you frame yourself to be in the professional world they feel that they get to know you better. Such contacts have ended up being useful in getting me jobs in the past, helping with my future business ventures, and networking me with others that they know that are useful in bettering my future.

Author: casto

My networking experiences include friends that I’ve made in college who have since graduated and now are working in various jobs throughout the country. Also I have connected with many of my parents friends as they have been in the work world for a number of years and therefore have established connections and relationships with many employers and employees throughout the country. The best tool I have come across for networking is LinkedIn. I strongly recommend creating a profile for yourself that includes your educational history, work experience and complete resume. Through LinkedIn you can connect with people that you know personally and then through those connections you can be introduced to people they know. If you’re new to networking like I am, LinkedIn is a great way to start connecting and reconnecting with all of your contacts so that you can utilize them to your fullest advantage!

Author: kellyshiembob

Over Christmas break I met with a man that my mom used to work with at G.E. He gave me great advice on my resume as well as referred me to someone at an advertising agency to go talk to. A few days later I met with her. We talked about her company and I got a detailed insight on what exactly her job is. She told me that her company is more art focused than it seemed I was looking for but referred me to another woman who I inteviewed with for an internship position. Talk to everyone you can. Even if they don’t have a position for you, they will know someone or at the least can give you great professional advice.

Author: Raleigh

Take advantage of every opportunity you get. The summer between my senior year in high school and my freshmen year in college I had planned to do nothing because it would be my first summer free in a long time. My father on the other hand had a different plan in mind and accepted a job opportunity from our tenant at her restaurant. Then my godmother accepted an internship for me from a non-profit company she consulted for. My summer immediately was busy and I didn’t like it. I reluctantly went to both interviews and immediately realized how wrong I was. My first day at the restaurant I worked with a girl who also worked at a law firm and told me to drop by for an interview if I was ever in town for a summer. The first day I worked as an intern with no experience in business I recorded all of the deposits for the company for the previous month. Whether you really want the job or not, always give it a chance. Take advantage of lucky opportunities you receive and run with them.

Author: mcdonoue

There is no such thing as a wasted opportunity! I was working as a server at Carolina Ale House when I started talking to a group of men I was waiting on. They all happened to be from right around my hometown in Boston and we started talking about what brought each of us 1000 miles away to Columbia, SC. Turns out, one of the men was the President of Campus Entertainment, a company that markets large brands to college campuses around the country that also happens to have 2 offices; one in Boston and one in Columbia. I got his business card and he said he had some internships available for the fall. I e-mailed him when school started, got a great reference and an internship out of it! Be nice to everyone– you never know who you are coming in contact with!