The link between college and corporate

Consider E-mails, letters, cover pages, resumes, and even hand written “thank you” notes as extensions of you. If they don’t look, sound, or read well—neither will you. Remember, quantity does not overpower quality.

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Author: Alan

Growing up, I was writing a thank you note to a family friend of mine for giving me a gift card for Christmas. I put the letter in an envelope, sealed it, put the return address in the top left corner as I should, but put the mailing address too high and not exactly centered. My mother saw this and was screaming at me to fix it. She told me the name goes first centered in the middle. Also, names always start with Mr. Mrs. Ms. or Miss. This is very important when writing any kind of letter to someone, especially if it is a professional document.

Author: Laura

I just recently received a job offer and it’s a great place for me to start my career. I found this opportunity as the career fair my school organized. I researched the companies that were attending and knew who I wanted to speak with. I walked over to the company and had probably at least a 45 min conversation with them. I followed up this with a follow up letter that I wrote thanking them for their time and iterating that if they had any questions to not hesitate contacting me. I was hired and during my first day, my boss told me that no one else followed up with her like I did. So, don’t ever skip the follow up step! it makes a difference!!!

Author: jzarou

I think that many people do not realize that emails count as professional writing. Just be aware of how you come across in emails, you need to be firm and concise. Watch tone too, because its hard to read into it through text. Also make sure you have an appropriate email address!