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Whether you are giving a presentation in the boardroom or selling to an audience, public speaking skills are a rare and highly prized commodity within the workforce. Use the information below to enhance your skills.

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Author: LEDavis2012

Speaking aloud in front of a group of people can obviously be daunting. Familiarity of the audience and audience size make a difference in terms of pressure but the pressure exists, none the less. One of the greatest pieces of advice I recieved about public speaking is the value of conviction. Conviction in your ability as an individual, conviction in the topic you are discussing and conviction in the situation at hand. I will share the example of having to speak to members of University Administration, Student Government Executive Cabinet Members and Senate chairs for the proposal of taking the Carolina Card to off campus vendors. Having had many experiences speaking in front of audiences of varying size, I knew that using notecards was a waste of time and weakened my presentation. I also knew that while nerveracking for me, I find confidence in speaking to a group, so hence the importance of conviction in myself and my own strengths and weaknesses. Secondly, I had worked on and prepared this proposal topic for months at this point. I knew the history of the endeavor, the positives of the proposal and the potential questions to be asked, thus establishing my conviction of the topic. And lastly, I had formulated what the audience’s purpose was for being there so that my presentation would fit their needs and establish conviction in the public who was recieving my proposal. Failure to compensate for any of these convictions would have resulted in a severely underdelivered, overly unnecessary and all around poor public presentation. However, because I knew my limitations, fully understood the topic and configured the needs of my audience and established conviction in all, the presentation was a total success and the University of South Carolina can expect to see expanded opportunities of the Carolina Card in future semesters! Good luck to all!