The link between college and corporate

Brand Yourself

Developing a “Person Brand” is vital to both a successful job search and long term career advancement. Find out exactly what Corporate America already knows about marketing their various products and learn how to apply those very same lessons to marketing yourself. Discover how to make yourself more valuable, and in turn, obtain the salary that you are worth.

Dinning Etiquette

Learn all about the “in’s and out’s” of table manners and discover how to perfect your Business Manners that can help increase the level of your “Personal Brand.” Discover strategies of How to Interview Over a Meal that can often times help to land you that perfect job that you are seeking. Over 50% of business is conducted outside of the office. Improve your Business Etiquette I.Q.

Job Search

Learn how to research job opportunities, determine which is best for you and develop a job search strategy. Implementation of any strategy is key, however! Your strategy should be multi-pronged to include, but not be limited to:  online applications, active professional networking, conducting copious research  and using online resources and social media sites. Just one strategy is simply not enough and will not produce your desired result. Looking for the right job is truly A JOB in itself! Learn how to get organized, position yourself properly and network your way into the perfect position for you.


All business is conducted via relationships. Rarely does a single employee work constantly alone. Learn how to initiate and  properly cultivate professional relationships. Understand that true networking is about helping others and not asking for favors. Learn how to share best business practices with other professionals, conduct informational interviews and selectively inform others of your value and how to use your professional network to help further your career.

Transition to Work

Successful moving yourself from “Backpack to Briefcase” requires true intention and a keen understanding of business acumen. Learn how to network within your new company, cultivate a positive professional reputation and successfully position yourself  in to move up the corporate ladder. Gain a true understanding of that fact that you are being assessed constantly and how to make the most of every observation. People are observed 3 ways – Visually, Verbally and Behaviorally. Learn the basic rules of Business Etiquette – everything from email protocol to proper professional dress to successfully working a business social event. Learn how to be proactive in creating your business reputation instead of reacting to a negative situation that could be potentially quite costly.