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Phone Interview:

Our phone interview program not only helps you practice answering questions over the phone, but explains the meaning behind the questions and teaches you techniques to leave a lasting impression on your interviewer.Please view the information below to take advantage of our service.

Description: We will conduct a fifteen question interview that will cover a variety of easy, medium and hard questions an employer in the callers’ field will most likely ask. It will also include a critique of your answers and Pre-Interview checklist for you to use before your phone interview with a potential employer.

Includes service with success checklist to take with you


Our interview preparation service is a one on one meeting where we will start by discussing the background information about the company, potential questions they will ask and the meanings behind them. Finally, we will conduct a mock interview where you will be interviewed by ProPowerLINKS representatives. We will also talk about questions you should ask the interviewer and show you how to write a thank you note.

Includes service and success checklist to take with you.

Time Management:

Do you ever wish you had more time? Now you will! By taking advantage of this service, we will sit down with you one on one and conduct the following:

1. Pre-Schedule: Understand your goals and priorities for re-organizing yourself.
2. Schedule: Make a schedule based on the above information
3. Post-Schedule: After two weeks, we will make a follow up call to check on your progress

This service comes with an advice page to take home with you.

We guarantee giving 10 hours of your life back per week!

Includes service and success checklist to take with you.

Career Finder:

Stressed about finding a job? When dealing with classes, part time jobs, graduation, organizations and many other constraints we have as students, finding the time to figure out what you want to do after graduation, job searching and obtaining a job is extremely difficult. That is why we created the Career Finder Service.
We don’t stop until you are employed!

• Establish your strengths and interests
• See what kind of job fits you
• Search companies
• Find the opportunities
• Filter based on your specifications
• Prepare for Interviews
• Set up interviews
• Get the Job!


Are you a part of a class or organization?

There is no doubt that ProPowerLINKS has a vast amount of professionalism information. Therefore, we have created a test program that allows members to take advantage of all content in a simplified and very efficient Assessment.

This customizable test will have members view the articles and videos at a “LINK” (e.g. Business Attire) per week. At the end of the week, each member will take a short quiz answering one question from each video and article they viewed.

Take a quiz

Resume Critique:

Companies receive thousands of resumes to choose from. Our job is to separate your resume from the rest.

Our resume critiquing service will make sure your resume is not only organized and mistake free, but will give it the “edge” it needs to stand out to your potential employer. Our experts will start by fixing any grammatical errors your resume might have. Then, we will organize your resume to be clear and easy to read. We will also organize your resume to your school’s required specific format by request. Then we will give your resume the “edge” by bringing the content to action. Your resume needs to tell your potential employer you are ready to work!

Once you have purchased our service, please email your resume and any specifications to


Join us for a lunch and learn! We will take you out to lunch as if we were your potential employer going to an interview over a meal. During lunch, we will teach you the proper table manners and walk you through the proper actions for each course as they come out. With over 50% of deals conducted outside the office, there is no better time to take advantage of this service than now!

Plus cost of food